I love to do poetry, but i don’t really tell anyone what I wrote. On the request of someone, i posted this poem on my blog on yahoo360  a little time ago and now i am posting it here. comments are most welcomed.


Feeling the pain,

My eyes full of rain,

Want to wash her away from my mind,

But how can I forget? My love is so blind.

She was my dream, she was my destiny,

Wanted to love her till my mortality,

But I saw my dream breaking,

Saw my love loosing

I could see a light in her eyes,

My whole life in her eyes,

Today I cry to see those eyes,

Want to cry, but control the tears in my eyes.

Now sitting alone in the rain,

Letting my tears drain,

Writing down my pain through my pen,

Watching my never ending end………. by- thedudgeon aka kamal

Now playing: Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God
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