Being a rock and metal music addict, i was desperately waiting for Rock On movie’s music to come out. Overall, i will say it is a GOOD album but i was expecting a little more from ROCK ON!!! as it is first bollywood movie with rock music.


meri laundry ka ek bill
ik aadhi padhi novel
ek ladki ka phone number
mere kaam ka ek paper
mere, taash se heart ka king
mera, ik chaandi ka ring
pichhle saat dinon mein maine khoya
kabhi khud pe hansa main,
kabhi khud pe roya

present mili ek ghadi
pyaari thi mujhe badi
mary jane ka ek packet
meri denim ki jacket
do one-day match ke passes
mere naye naye sunglasses
pichhle saat dinon mein maine khoya
kabhi khud pe hansa main,
kabhi khud pe roya

kaise, bhoolun, saatva jo din aaya
kisi ne, tumse, ik party mein milwaaya
kaisa, pal tha, jis pal maine tumko pehli baar dekha tha
hum jo mile pehli baar
maine jaanaa kya hai pyaar
maine hosh bhi khoya dil bhi khoya
kabhi khud pe hansa main,
kabhi khud pe roya
maine pichhle saat dino mein
ye sab hai, khoya..



Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein Lyrics- Rock On!!!



80 thoughts on “Rock On Hindi Movie Lyrics- Pichle Saat Din

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  2. its not meri jeb but mary jane ka ek packet…. i hope u kno wht maryjane means!!!!
    this is a rocking song!!!!!

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  5. Ditto, I do think the album is cool, and importantly it’s of rock genre which apparently is dead in India. Irrespective of the fact whether the movie is inline with the mainstream Bollywood theme or not, I firmly believe that if it’s good people will appreciate it.


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  7. I LOVE D VISUAL!!I THINK FARHAN LOOKS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!ROCK ON guys!!!!!way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Really rocking songs, some of the beatings of this songs I felt like listing Metallica’s “Harvester of sorrow” but truely its orginial one keep it up

  9. its RoCk…………..
    fantastic movie…………
    Farhan Akhtar nd his group show their MAGIC in this film is marvellous…………

  10. Lilith, im with you.. its inane and crap!!
    I think the movie is made for the “wanna be” crowd. this is not rock guys.
    One of the songs something to do with snake is a rip off from rammstein.
    Heart bleeds for the rock genre….

    • Waqt mila to yaad karte ho ,mood hua to baat karte ho ,ek jamana tha jab har pal message ki barsat karte the ,ab to registan ki barish ki tarah yaad karte ho !

  11. being a metal fan in india always wished for such a movie to come………. hats off to farhan for making the moves in the movie so lively…….cant stop listening to the songs too

  12. It’s a good start for the genre in India, but i agree that the lyrics aren’t
    upto the mark. This style needs way more experimentation.
    And yeah, they’ve picked tunes and visuals.

  13. all those who thnk its not rok music………..thr r 2 typs of rok – soft and hard rok…this one is soft rok n i luv it

  14. “Mary Jane ka ek packet” ur right it is a slang for cannabis/marijuana but incidently Mary Jane is also a peanut butter-flavored taffy-type candy with peanut butter in the center, made and sold by a company called NECCO. 🙂

  15. Pichle saat dino mein is an awesome song!!
    You dont have to be a rock fan to enjoy these kind of songs.
    I bet,if you see the song onscreen once,you’ll want to see it again and again.
    Rock on India!!!!

  16. Nice movie… Hats off to Farhan for making the ROCK move in India………

    Awesome soft rock……. but the lyrics could be more subtle n deep….

    Ofcourse this song rocks though… also “Socha hai”… 🙂

  17. MARY JANE ———In 1884, Charles H. Miller and his three sons founded a small business manufacturing and selling homemade candy. The building where they began making their candy had a notable past — it was the Paul Revere House in Boston’s Faneuil Hall/North End area. (Revere, who in 1775 made the ride from Boston to Lexington alerting the countryside that the British were coming, lived in the house with his family until 1800.)

    After their father’s death, the Miller boys split the responsibilities of the family business. Charles N. Miller took charge of the manufacturing and wholesale operations while his brothers ran the retail store. In 1914, after a fairly successful business was established and the Charles N. Miller Company was one of some reputation, they began manufacturing Mary Janes. The molasses and peanut butter candy was named for their favorite aunt, Mary Jane.

    The Miller Company tried several variations of the legendary Mary Jane mixture, but none could compare with the original. Over the years, Miller introduced several other candies, but none enjoyed the success of Mary Jane. Eventually, Mary Jane came to be the only candy produced by the Miller Company.

    One of the early candy pieces made by Miller was the Dearo, a penny candy that was a chewy chocolate piece with a peanut butter center. The name was borrowed from a political group that the Honorable John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald called his “dear old North Enders.” John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald was a congressman and mayor who lived in the North End. The Fitzgerald home was close by the Revere House. In 1890, the Fitzgerald home was the birthplace of Rose, wife of Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, and the mother of President John F. Kennedy.

    In 1990, NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) purchased the Stark Candy Company. As a part of Necco, the Peanut Butter Kiss and Salt Water Taffy, as well as the original Mary Jane lines have seen tremendous growth. Necco, under the Mary Jane name, has become the number one producer of Peanut Butter Kisses in the country.

    Many adults can remember reaching up to the candy counter and seeing the charming Mary Jane girl that adorned every piece of this delicious and nostalgic candy. For 85 years, the legendary Mary Jane name has been synonymous with children, young and old alike
    or simply you may call it a candy

  18. boody hell..marijuana in simple hindi is ganja or charas…pls dont fuck up the meaning guys…..i do dope n i recall my school days but i cldnt make anything big…i ended up as a banker..this is pure music guys n not sound…

  19. Pichle saat din – It,s a mind blowing song
    superb lyrics from javed akhtar
    and fabulous music by shanker Eshan and loy
    and a great job by farhan akhtar and his co-star
    I love this movie

  20. nana na na na nana,na na………………rocking song yaar……superb lyrics mindblowing
    i dont havae words to tell about this lyrics

    KEEP ROCKIN….[:)]

  22. fuckers……………………shankar ehsaan and co totally suck here………..i think it would have been better to take help of all the underground pakistani bands………….they are keepin the rock culture,rebellion alive atleast in the subcontinent……it would have been better………javed akhtar is a loser,he shld learn writing from don mclean………this isnt rock and roll,its just plain bollywood copycat stuff.

  23. omg….. i like this song a lot
    i was finding the lyrics since a month
    silly i, never thought to be gooling! done today and got this,

    thanks a lot for sharing lyrics, dude…

    also tell me the site where i can get lyrics and previews of latest bollywood movies.

  24. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA “““““`……….i like this song yaarr,,,,,,faran me bhi tumare jesa rockstar banna chata hu yaar..

  25. Mana ki nasib me hamare koi sanam nahi ,phir bhi koi sikwa koi gum nahi ,tanha hai par bindas jiye ja rahe hai ,kyuki badnasib to wo hai jinke nasib me hum nahi !

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