Alright, first PERSONAL post on my blog and I think the latter content deserves a blog post. It is about the

Five Point Someone Cover

recent book I read called Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. I know most of the country (India) had read it year(s) back but I came to know about its existence just, say a year ago. I was first introduced to it by Hindustan Times and a dear friend KrazzyK (his pen name) and after that I met a lot of persons on this globe who had not only read the book but were also in deepest joys while recalling it. And recently two of my dear friends (KrazzyK and harry) bought this, materialistically, most desirable bunch of pages I wanted to read throughout the year (though I flunked almost all the major subjects of my school in the past year).

Moving on to the book, well when both of my friends had read the book, I got to observe some good expressions of appreciation by both of them (already expected). And when I got my hands on the book, I was really curious to know what kind of treasure was under those pages that everyone likes this book so much. And as soon as the journey of five point someone began, I was carried away with it. (Won’t be mentioning any kind of story in a nutshell or something so if you are looking for some sort of summary, then it is not the right place to read and if not, be my guest and feel like home). Meanwhile, during the past couple of days, whenever I opened the book, I was in a whole different realm and was deeply indulged in the book unaware of a whole goddamn world passing by me. The book was really addictive especially the way every single situation was described and put together.

So, I take this moment and this space on the internet to praise this lovely piece of literature and would like to mention that I will get to read One night at the call centre (from the same source) in a few days but have to wait to get my hands on 3 mistakes of my life as the regular school books are becoming real burden these days.

Concluding the blog post, I would say the funny, dark and non-stop Five Point Someone is worth the time and a MUST READ for everyone. And as for Chetan Bhagat, well a 4 shots of vodka for him out of five.


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