First time in the history of Indian Olympics, India tasted the GOLD MEDAL in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Abhinav Bindra made his country proud by wining a gold medal in Men’s 10m Air Rifle held on 11th August, Monday. The whole country is rejoicing and is on the ninth sky. It was a proud, yet emotional moment to see the tri-coloured flag at the top with national anthem serving the patriotic feeling in you.

Abhinav Bindra at 2008 Beijing Olympics


Last time India won gold was in 1980 when Indian Hockey became the champ in Olympics (which didn’t even qualify). But it is the first time an individual has won gold for India at Olympics. Bindra’s proud family is extremely happy and words are failing them to express their happiness.

25 years old Abhinav, born in Dehra Dun and a resident of Chandigarh has been performing extremely well since the past years. He was 17 and the youngest athlete to compete at the Olympics in 2000. He came 7th at the Athens Olympics Games and had emerged victorious at the World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia and 4th at the Asian Games, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Gold Medalist had to suffer through a serious spinal injury because of which he could not even pick up the rifle. He was taken to Munich where the doctors told that it will take a year’s treatment to make him well again, but Bindra didn’t agree with them and preferred to fight his way out of the injury. Bindra had his eyes fixed on his aim i.e. Gold in Olympics and became the first ever individual gold medalist in India. Today he is a national hero and the whole country waits to welcome the young gold medalist.


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