I walk back in time, 

When I thought love was a crime,

But she came like a sunshine,

Forced me to cross the line.


That love, that heart, that sorrow,

I always pretended not to follow,

A broken heart and a eye with tear,

The two things I could not bear.


Never thought love can happen,

Without it, I thought life was brighten,

But then I felt my heart was fragile,

I can cross any limit to see her smile.


Blame her eyes,

Blame her smile,

Blame that love which made me mazy,

Or blame that girl who drove me crazy.


Her presence made the time to fly,

Her absence seemed ages with every blink of my eye,

She said "I am yours forever"

I thought we will never dissever.


Life moved forward and so did her love,

To strengthen our relations I always strove,

But all the time she had someone else in mind,

Her untrue love kept me blind.


Now I find myself standing where she left,

Living on a heart with millions of cleft,

In her book, I was some pages of comedy,

But she will remain my life’s biggest tragedy.



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