What a show! During my simple life of 18 years,  I have not seen such a dramatic result. I guess that is possible in the largest democratic country only. Congress and its allies kind of assassinated all the other political parties in India. And for those who split from the UPA, well it was like a smack in the head for them.manmohan-singh-460_779953c


I do not know about others, but I enjoyed every moment of the 16th of May much more than a T20 match. The results sealed every single mouth which spoke against congress and Dr. Manmohan Singh. One decision that really brought the votes under the belly of congress was the open declaration of Dr. Manmohan Singh as their representative for the office of Prime Minister. Mr. Singh’s image of a honest, intelligent and a firm human being won the hearts of the millions of voters across the nation. The charismatic personality of Rahul Gandhi also made a huge difference in the votes. His innovative ideas and his young brigade of youth congress also helped the congress  eradicate the BJP.


Well, the opposition played a very crucial role in the victory of the UPA. Their contribution is extremely vital and should not be neglected. First of all BJP did not take up any justifiable issue on which they could ask for votes. They did not learn from the elections in Delhi, which were held a few months ago, that using delicate issues like terrorism will rather affect them in the opposite way, and referring Dr. Manmohan Singh as a week prime minister made them no good. They should have kept in their minds that N-deal was carried out by the Prime Minister alone with a very firm and positive attitude. The worst was that they gave child like speeches against their fellow politicians instead of talking about various issues of national importance. Actually when they stepped in the elections, welfare of the nation was never on their mind. May be they were jealous of Mr. Singh, who was their main target throughout the elections. So, because of the clear majority, congress is not chained this time to carry out various decisions.


Now everywhere the slogans are, “ Singh is King” and well he kind of deserves it. All the so called KING MAKERS and IRON MEN are lambs in the open field. Let us hope India will be a much better place to live in by the end of this government’s tenure. 


Welcome back to the office Mr. Prime Minister. ALL THE VERY BEST…….


7 thoughts on “The Lion and The Lamb(s)

  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  2. Довольно интересно конечно. Я немогу подписаться под каждым вашим словом, но в общем соглашусь.

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